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It’s true that every legendary has a clear “Once upon a time” moment. So once upon a time, pens were not much more than a quill, and a paper was not more than the bark of a tree. They must have thought they were the best ever, and the never thought there would be freelance article writing.

evolution has it that we have improved a million times in the world of literature, to simply pass a message as they did with quills and barks. Information is necessary, it is important, and to some, its an addiction.

Some love knowledge for the very need of wisdom, and others like me, appreciate more, the mongering part of it. Telling a story is a form of art, one that couples skill with an innate desire to share what you have with the world.

Building the world is said to have been through words, and every day, the very same art of building continues with pen strokes and signatures for contracts.


Mincing my words is a passion, you may well find it hard to know my purpose up to this point.

Getting down to it, I simply mean to say that writing is a passion, an interest that lustfully feeds on my misgivings, owing to the fact that I only know to the depth of my nose. Knowledge really is what it is. You cannot tell what is beyond the nose.

My trade is freelance article writing and you will easily find me by the bloggers’ corner. My merchandise comes fresh, cooked to the last drop of my ginger ale. On my shelves, you will find a good bottle of ghostwriting, copywriting, copy editing. Occasionally, you may find some transcribing on my shelves as well.

You will drop dead if you won’t find me by the taverns selling my articles. I assure you they are freshly cooked, original bakes, free of plagiarism. You may want yours served while in a semi-formal tone, or you may want it set in an official manner. Whichever it is, you can call me Sam.

The only reason is that some poke their noses too shallowly. Others poke their nose all right, but they broadly carress information, to forfeiting the privileges of being a master of none. We are victims of our own convictions, and men, like I, have gone too far to keep within their convictions.


As you take a look around this website, notice the deep essence of great knowledge that is shared in.

You may be quick enough to notice that a mistress lurks in love, lest the master returns. We can always have a talk


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