The Professional Freelance Article Writer

The Professional Freelance Article Writer

With the fast-changing trends in defining what work is, there is a coherent need to acknowledge the uniqueness of the work of a freelance article writer. The world gravitates more and more into a needy state for information and an article writer will remain an asset to this generation. Though there are many other fields of freelancing that one can settle on, article writing requires something more.

The lifestyle of a freelance article writer is unpredictable. Sometimes it’s pleasurable, to very demanding, and other times it’s on the breaking edge of demand and supply. It’s erratic, and it’s entrenched in a work-life complex that can jam your process to a state of unwarranted rest.

Like every other kind of work, freelance article writing needs a lifestyle, a way of doing things to help you cope with the extreme pressure zone that it can turn out to be. Once in it, there is a coherent need to quickly adapt to a self-made lifestyle that is made of behaviors, disciplines, and interests that will help you survive. There are many things that require refining for them to achieve a tone of professionality in the field. Here are some of the details to incorporate into the life of a professional freelance article writer.

Time Management

Of all habits, poor time management is one of the worst diseases that a freelance article writer may be plagued with. Time management determines:

  • Your ability to handle multiple tasks in a day
  • Your ability to fulfill the client’s need for deadline delivery.
  • The quality of your article

These three pointers are of key importance. They dictate everything that you turn out to be in the eyes of a client who needs professional services. Taking a deep dive into these three areas, the following truths can be compounded beyond any reasonable doubt.

Handling Multiple Tasks as a Freelance Article Writer

There are many types of clients that a freelance article writer interacts with. Some require very long content that should be provided on an occasional basis, and others require short content that should be provided in many pieces every once in a few days.

Whether you write for both clients or not, it is important for you to be sure of your capability in satisfying the clients’ needs, in terms of delivering assignments in time. Ensure that you can honor the time set for you to deliver a given assignment on time. This will help you to maintain a record of achievement for yourself.

Secondly, the more you can manage your time, the more it will be possible for you to write more articles. Handling multiple tasks in a day will also help you make some more money from your skills.

For a professional article writer, reliability is a prime character that most clients will need to see if you look forward to working with them for a long time.

These tips will help you to manage your time.

  • Ensure that you only work on tasks that you are conversant with.
  • Set reasonable schedules for completing tasks.
  • Ensure that you have a conducive environment that helps you concentrate.
  • Improve your typing speeds to increase your working speed.



Unlike the opinion of many, deadlines are one of the most profound aspects of writing that a freelance article writer should be willing to understand.

Most of the writers prefer working in their pace, of which its very okay. The only problem with a freelancer’s freedom is the failure to acknowledge the fast-moving pace of the entire universe. While it is okay to have the upper hand in offering help to your client on your own free time, a sharp freelance article writer will give up this right to trust the client.

“If there were one client and two article writers, chances are highly likely that the client will pick the writer who completes a task in less time. Even more, the client will not mind paying more.

It is even more likely that the client will want to continue working with the fast article writers. This is simply because of the writer’s reliability, and expression of commitment.”


Take advantage of deadlines that any other freelance article writer is not willing to meet. You will soon find out that most clients will prefer you over others. However, ensure that you still uphold the delivery of high quality articles for your work.


The Quality of Your Articles

After providing articles in short time spans, it is definite that many clients will prefer to work with you. More work will stream in on your desk, and more work will mean less time for proofreading and assessing your content.


The freelancer gets into a fast-moving pace that often comes at the cost of providing articles that well researched and of high quality. You may end up making small mistakes that will wedge you from your clients.


Quality is the greatest appeal that a freelance article writer should have. It is therefore important that you maintain the quality of your work. Your clients should always be assured that your work is of high quality. To maintain or further improve in providing high-quality content, hire a text editor whose main role is to ensure that your quality is high, and your articles are on point. It may seem like a tall order at first, but time will prove you right.


Wrapping it up at that, keep yourself in the know. There are millions of article writers, pushing to gain the very same clients that you wish to gain. Ensure that your stand distinctively tall, above a crowd of raw talent. Take a look at Alex Crevar’s Post about a Freelance Writer’s Life.

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