Difference between Copywriter, Content Writer, and Content Strategist

copywriter, content writer, and content strategist

Difference between Copywriter, Content writer, and Content strategist- and their importance in your business

The question of who a copywriter, content strategist, or content writer is, needs settling once and for all. I would sadly say that many business owners do not concern themselves with the writer they hire. Well, there are benefits of knowing the type of writer that you hire. Your contracted writer may well be the reason your business grows or stagnates.

Today morning, I had the chance to interact with a friend whose startup has been growing steadily. He is in a bid to scale up and go big. Being a Harvard business school alumnus, he is way above smartness.

He has a specialty in marketing and being a longtime friend, it was quite easy for me to secure a 30 minutes breakfast meeting.

All through the conversation, I was eager to hear him talk about how he expected to work with content marketing, but that point just never came. I am a B2Bmarketing writer and copywriter, and I would not help but notice how this bigshot was oblivious to the fact that in the online world, content is always king.

Well, I politely helped him to appreciate how powerful copywriting is for his business. 30 minutes later, we parted from our coffee table having struck a short term, (but worthwhile) deal.

Let us fall into our focus lane and talk about the three key subjects of our discussion.


Have you received emails from companies, informing you of their progress? In a way that makes you want to work with the company or buy a product? That is copy material and its crafted by a copywriter.

A copywriter works to develop content that is meant to talk the reader into buying a product or service. These are writers who are highly intuitive, and they make use of empathy to create content that convenes a call to action. A copy is very direct, and in some way, it is also no-nonsense.

Excellent copywriters will often develop copy used in emails and newsletters and they also come in handy when creating ads. Copywriters are a creative and intelligent bunch, and they mostly develop short copy. A copywriter will drive sales for your business through a problem-solving approach. They give your business a personality and this majorly boosts your sales. Tobias Pettigrew offers a detailed explanation on the role of copywriters.

There are various types of copywriters and these may include: Product copywriters, Email copywriters, Newsletter copywriters…etc.

In summary, a copywriter:

  • Connects with your Target Customers
  • Presents a solution to the audience

Content writer

Content writers create content that is meant to inform and educate the readers. Content writers often care more about engaging the reader with information that will prove helpful to them. A content writer develops content such as FAQs, or blogs.

Well written content helps people in understanding how a system/ a product works. Content article writers create more than 800 words material, most of the times. Often, a content writer will draw a salesy last paragraph with a copy style, if there is need to promote a product.

Content helps to prove that a company or brand is trustworthy and knowledgeable in any field of discussion. It is also used to collect emails and generate leads for your business.

Content Strategist

This is a relatively new terminology that few people understand. Content strategy creates a link between the needs of a business and the needs of the target audience in written content.

Strategists oversee the planning of content development and management. They also tweak content and make it is user-friendly. User-friendly content is easy to understand and it has a clearly defined motive right from the start.

A content strategist is the UX guy in content, and they create systems for updating content that is redundant.

Why You Should Hire a Content Strategist

  • They worry about your position on search engine ranking
  • They make sure that your website or blogs generate traffic
  • They increase awareness of your brand through Social Media

Content strategists mainly work with your website, social media accounts, and client-based studies.

Enough of the saying already. There is so much to know about these three subjects and the discussion is inexhaustible. What do you think? Your comments are very welcome.

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