Why This Web Designer in India is the Best Ever- & How to Reach Him

A real Account of My Experience with a Web Designer in India

You might wonder why I have taken to writing about a web designer in India, but you need to take a look at this. Web designing is a common fever nowadays. Everyone has soon become a web designer, except that this one guy deserves serious recognition.

My extrovert personality has checked me in and out of many people’s lives. Well, late last year, I had met up with Ahad Arzi. He is a web designer in India, and he pretty much knows his game, so here is a short telltale that would make you think about him. This is a tribute like many others, but you really need to read this to the end.

I can only indulge the “why you should work with him in web design gigs. He is more to that, though.

For a freelance copywriter to thrive, it is imperative that one should be in as many growth pods as they can be. I have my fingers dipped in web designing, copy and content development, and many other helpful groups that contribute to my growth as a copywriter.

How We Met

I met Ahad when I was in a very critical point of my copywriting stage. I had just lost an enormous amount of data, a full year’s work, with some silly web hosting service that I had found from the gutter. Well, cheap is expensive, and I never stop hating me a little for this. The dumb web hosting had messed up with their clients’ databases and backups. There was no sign of further help after calling and trying to reach out. Secondly, the service was as slow as it could ever be and as you know, you never go back once you lose faith after a nasty experience online.

I started scouting for another web hosting service that would work best for me, and that is when I met Ahad. It was on a Facebook group and he offered to help me make the changes I needed. We had a chat on Facebook Messenger, I explained the many problems that I had, and the many worries that I had for my website.

Ahad is a smooth guy, very interactive, and he takes his time to understand you. I mean, nothing feels better than a guy who listens with an intent of understanding what a freaking non-tech-savvy copywriter needs. He is not the guy who keeps cutting you short, so you will not have to worry about that.

His Work

I do not know so much about how web designers in India work, but I must have liked how he went along with his work. I remember that it took him 3 days to totally make a deal out of my poor website. An interesting bit of how he worked was the fact that he was in constant communication with me.

I remember laughing by myself at one point when he told me, “Sam, it is 2 am in my time zone, so please allow me to get some rest.” For me, this was a perfect display of his dedication. That he had pegged all of him to my project, even to the point of telling me why he needed to stall for a recharge.


I would go for a 5/5 for Ahad. Actually, no one is paying me a dime for this post but I thought it wise to honor him with a tribute for being the most awesome web designer in India that I interacted with.

Would you hire him again?


I mean, where else would I find such a dedicated spirit from a person I have never met in my life. Thing is, you can also get to talk to him. As a copywriter available for hire, I would recommend that you link up with Ahad Arzi and get the best you can ever have in web designing.

To Ahad,

Thanks a million bunches for the good work. Indeed, the best web designer in India.

Difference between Copywriter, Content Writer, and Content Strategist

Difference between Copywriter, Content writer, and Content strategist- and their importance in your business

The question of who a copywriter, content strategist, or content writer is, needs settling once and for all. I would sadly say that many business owners do not concern themselves with the writer they hire. Well, there are benefits of knowing the type of writer that you hire. Your contracted writer may well be the reason your business grows or stagnates.

Today morning, I had the chance to interact with a friend whose startup has been growing steadily. He is in a bid to scale up and go big. Being a Harvard business school alumnus, he is way above smartness.

He has a specialty in marketing and being a longtime friend, it was quite easy for me to secure a 30 minutes breakfast meeting.

All through the conversation, I was eager to hear him talk about how he expected to work with content marketing, but that point just never came. I am a B2Bmarketing writer and copywriter, and I would not help but notice how this bigshot was oblivious to the fact that in the online world, content is always king.

Well, I politely helped him to appreciate how powerful copywriting is for his business. 30 minutes later, we parted from our coffee table having struck a short term, (but worthwhile) deal.

Let us fall into our focus lane and talk about the three key subjects of our discussion.


Have you received emails from companies, informing you of their progress? In a way that makes you want to work with the company or buy a product? That is copy material and its crafted by a copywriter.

A copywriter works to develop content that is meant to talk the reader into buying a product or service. These are writers who are highly intuitive, and they make use of empathy to create content that convenes a call to action. A copy is very direct, and in some way, it is also no-nonsense.

Excellent copywriters will often develop copy used in emails and newsletters and they also come in handy when creating ads. Copywriters are a creative and intelligent bunch, and they mostly develop short copy. A copywriter will drive sales for your business through a problem-solving approach. They give your business a personality and this majorly boosts your sales. Tobias Pettigrew offers a detailed explanation on the role of copywriters.

There are various types of copywriters and these may include: Product copywriters, Email copywriters, Newsletter copywriters…etc.

In summary, a copywriter:

  • Connects with your Target Customers
  • Presents a solution to the audience

Content writer

Content writers create content that is meant to inform and educate the readers. Content writers often care more about engaging the reader with information that will prove helpful to them. A content writer develops content such as FAQs, or blogs.

Well written content helps people in understanding how a system/ a product works. Content article writers create more than 800 words material, most of the times. Often, a content writer will draw a salesy last paragraph with a copy style, if there is need to promote a product.

Content helps to prove that a company or brand is trustworthy and knowledgeable in any field of discussion. It is also used to collect emails and generate leads for your business.

Content Strategist

This is a relatively new terminology that few people understand. Content strategy creates a link between the needs of a business and the needs of the target audience in written content.

Strategists oversee the planning of content development and management. They also tweak content and make it is user-friendly. User-friendly content is easy to understand and it has a clearly defined motive right from the start.

A content strategist is the UX guy in content, and they create systems for updating content that is redundant.

Why You Should Hire a Content Strategist

  • They worry about your position on search engine ranking
  • They make sure that your website or blogs generate traffic
  • They increase awareness of your brand through Social Media

Content strategists mainly work with your website, social media accounts, and client-based studies.

Enough of the saying already. There is so much to know about these three subjects and the discussion is inexhaustible. What do you think? Your comments are very welcome.

Would you like to hire me?

Feel free to personally reach out to me

How to Effectively Identify and Understand Your Target Audience

How to Effectively Identify and Understand Your Target Audience

Finding the right target audience for your business is key to making a profit from your business. Having the right target market wrapped around your business ensures that you focus your attention on the people who are important to your business. These are the people who will show appreciation for the efforts you make, through the purchasing of your products and services.

In this blog, we shall discuss who is the right audience for your business. We shall also look into how you define who your target customers are. We shall also focus on how the current customers can help you in targeting your audience. Lastly, we shall build on the importance of understanding your target customer.

Who/ What Is a Target Audience?


The target audience is a lifeline to your business
A target client is a potential market that will create a demand for the products, services, or skills that your business offers. They are the people for whom you make your products. They consume what you produce. The aspect of consumption makes your target market a very important part of your business. This requires that you invest in understanding all that there is to your audience. After all, your business will only be losses if you fail to identify who you should sell to.

The Importance of Knowing Your Customers

Knowing your target market is important for the profitability of your business. It is also important that your business is strategically functional, to effectively reach the target. Target marketing aims at reaching only a segment of the population. You may want to stick around and know why it’s better to reach a segment of the population, than reach out to the population.

An example of target customers: Sell your company products to, “Working corporate businessmen in New York and Nairobi, aged between 35 years to 50 years.”
The demographic preferences put in place to define your target customers is as follows:
Status Deep focus Description Gender Location Age
Working Corporate Business Male New York & Nairobi 35-50

In this example, working corporate businessmen in New York and Nairobi, aged between 35-50, prefer polka dot ties, and striped ties.

This will help you as a business owner, to aim at reaching your target audience, and selling a product that is relevant to their needs, and which they shall willingly spend money on.

Difference Between Niche Market and Target Market?

a niche market can define the target audience
Is there a difference?
Yes!! There is.
Although a few of us might have taken a keen interest in this, it is important for us to pay attention and focus on the real and deep meaning that would explain these two phrases. For a start, a niche market is smaller and aims to reach a very specific group of buyers, who are within a target audience.

For example, in our case study above, you can choose to find a niche market of men who prefer to put on red polka dots over black polka dots. You might have also noticed that men in Nairobi prefer a bold and aggressive tie, unlike the men in New York, who just prefer an authoritative black.

You can identify a niche market naturally. You can naturally tell it when many people prefer the prominence of a given character in your products. You may also decide to actively create the niche market. A niche market may end up as the main targeted audience of the business, especially if its lucrative enough for your business to totally depend on it.

In summary

The Importance of having a targeted audience:

    • You will have a specific language, information, and communication channel that will specifically appeal to them. This eases your content curation process.
    • You will thoroughly establish, and meet the needs and demands of your target customers.
    • Knowing your target market will help you in getting to know how you will market, and the ways in which you will use your marketing skills.
    • Knowing your target market will also help you in achieving consistency in the way you put your message across.
    • It allows you to establish a relationship with your clientele.

    How to Define Your Audience

    the defining moment for a business is successfully identifying the target audience
    We have recently identified the benefits of knowing who you target in your marketing campaigns. The next thing to build on after identifying your audience is “How to define who your customers are.” Defining your targeted audience is a process that involves strategic thinking and some advanced analytical skills. However, you do not need to get so deep in actuarial sciences to figure out who your target clients are.

    The first step is to have the customer’s mindset. Being in the shoes of your potential customers will help you in knowing what they would want to experience with your products, and how they will experience it in the real sense.

    Identify Their Needs

    Think about the specific reasons for which the people would need to have your product or service. Think about how they will need to receive the order they make. Do they want it in less than 24 hours? Do they need instant delivery in the case of selling a service? What are the problems that your products or services address?

    Create A Profile of Your Current Clients

    You can also make use of your current customers, to understand the audience that you should plan on targeting. By looking at the customers that you have, you should notice various common characteristics that they all have. You can also have an interview with repeat customers.

    This will help you gain a broad vision of the people you expect to find while running your marketing campaigns. If your current customers are diverse, look for finer similarities that will help you get a clear definition of the people you need to reach out to. Rather, you can also create groups of customers, from your diverse customer base. After grouping, find out the most suitable group by experimenting your products on them.

    Your Competitors

    This is one fast, tireless, and easy way of knowing the right audience for your business. Observing your competitors will reveal who they address in their marketing campaigns, and the products they sell most. You can also learn the demographic that your competitor reaches out to.
    Who knows, you may even identify a weakness or an overlook from your competitors, which you can exploit as a niche market.

    Understand Your Targeted Audience

    After you have identified your target clientele, your next aim is to have a complete understanding of their personalities. Their lifestyles, their choices and preferences, their habits…etc. Their behavioral patterns help you to create effective advertising content, that will relate to the things they normally do. This understanding will help you to properly hone your services, for the provision of superior services.

    A perfect tool makes work easier. Ensure that you implement the knowledge of targeting your audience and this will help you in reaching your market. Create data, and make use of tools that help in keeping consumer data. With time, you’ll have gathered helpful information that will help take your sales to the next level.

    Knowledge learned is knowledge shared. understanding your target audience Kindly share this post on social media. You can also leave your comment below on what you think and I will personally reply to you.
    Happy marketing!

7 Effective Social Media Marketing Tips for Businesses

Social Media marketing is a question that causes many business owners to sink deeper into their seats. Some have tried and failed terribly, hence the great fear of a marketing plague that has befallen many. How is social media marketing hacked? How is it that many businesses have benefited hugely while others find their gloom and doom in this subject? Are there any SEO strategies to put in place when it comes to social media marketing? Or is there a content strategy that helps things work? Read through and learn the various common things that your competitors treat as hidden gems in social media marketing.


1.      Figure out your Online Target Audience

This is the most basic of all steps that you should not skip over. Having a well defined online target market is a way that helps you gain fair ground for competition with bigger businesses. Rather than generalizing your online target audience to anyone who finds interest in your services, choose a specific target. A specific target is easy to manage, and its even easier to quantify your efforts of marketing by relating your marketing results to the potential of the market.

A good way to identifying a specific target market is by studying the current client base of your business. Find relatable characteristics and interests that all your clients exhibit. You can then apply your knowledge to people who likely have/ share these characteristics with your clients.

Another easy way of identifying your target customers is through competitor analysis. Get to know who your competitors are targeting. You can use their criteria to find similar customers, or you can capitalize on a niche that they are yet to take a keen interest in.

Studying your product or service is one other way to know your target market. List the benefits gained from the features of your services or products. Use the benefits you have noted, and reach out to people who most likely are in need of those benefits. You can learn a lot more about defining your target market.


2.      Learn how Social Media Works

research on social media marketing and learn

Marketing on social media is both frustrating and rewarding. It depends on the knowledge of how it is done. So much counts in social media marketing.

Use the most effective platform to deliver engaging content to your target audience

First, identify the most important social media sites for your business. some businesses are suited more for Twitter, others Instagram, yet others thrive best on Facebook. There are many social media platforms that you can market your business.

Different social media platforms package information differently. Know the relevant content strategy that works best in your social media marketing platform of choice. Content development for your marketing should take the specific structure that favors your social media platform. Having a social media marketing agency can help you in running your social media marketing strategy.


3.      Seek feedback from your customers

In business today, products are created with the end user in mind, gone are the days when big companies were used to thinking for the people, and producing general fits for everyone. In the current world where the internet of things has enabled trade globalization, demand for customized products and services continues to increase exponentially.

To provide custom products or services, the best thing to do is to consider the view of your customers and crafting your trade, to their liking. The more your content is crafted to suit peculiar tastes and wants, the more you achieve in making sales.

Besides making your product better, the information you obtain can ultimately expand your online business through the development of new products that are in demand.

An ineffective social media marketing is one that does not leave customers with an option to speak their mind out. They may have better views that far outweigh your knowledge in the marketing of your products. Rather than filling social media platforms with your posts, ensure that you engage with your clients, and assist in any way possible, to help them in purchasing your product.


4.      Plan the Time to Share your Content

share social media marketing content when your audience is active

After you come up with an effective content development strategy, and the appropriate social media marketing platform, you should know when it is the most appropriate time to share your content.

The right time for sharing content means the time when readers will easily find and engage with your post. Identify the various time zones you need to reach out to and the most appropriate time to share them.

You want to share your articles at a time when your target audience is highly likely to read your content, think about it, and even pass back some feedback to you.


5.      Pay for the promotion of your Content

Promoting your content is a key way that social media platforms help marketers to display their content, to a larger well-focused audience. Many social media platforms have detailed demographic selections that would allow you in reaching a very specific and targeted audience.

The logic behind promoting your content on social media is that many people will see it, and the more the people see it, the higher the chances of reaching potential clients who need your services.


6.      Encourage Sharing on Social Media

In content marketing, few people consider the number of shares that their content receives. Most content marketers consider shares as a “vanity metric.” Shares are thought to be of a lesser value since they lack ROI for your business.

Shares mean a lot for marketers in the B2B network since you pay to distribute them, to a target that is relevant. Active promotion of content to thousands means that hundreds will share it to their own large networks. Sharing will, therefore, increase your reach and the shares will gain more viewership of your content.

Having said all of this, come up with a well-designed plan of the daily activities you need to take care of to enhance your social media marketing.


7.      Work with strategies

Social media marketing strategies will make your marketing plans easier

With a good work-out map for all that you need to do, it is easy to implement everything, and nothing will be left out as you roll out your social media marketing plan. Strategies enable you to understand what is needed of you as a business owner and to ensure that you seal all loopholes for ineffective marketing strategies. The following are some of the main areas that you should focus on while making your plan.


Content Development Strategies

These are strategies which ensure that you only provide very specific, highly engaging, and relevant content that is useful to your clients. The process of developing content is time-consuming, and you can opt to hire the services of a web content developer or writer. Otherwise, content development can be achieved through the following process.

  • Identify a need to address
  • Establish how your product or service relates to the need
  • Formulate a clear, captivating, and thought-provoking Title for your content
  • Create engaging, well researched, and informative content that presents your product as a solution to the needs of your audience
  • Complete the outlook of your content with interesting images that will give life to your content
  • Employ whitehat SEO strategies to increase the visibility and ranking of your content


Social media Posting Strategies

  • Find the various social media platforms that you can use in social media marketing.
  • Read and thoroughly research on how particular social media platforms are used to marketing
  • Identify the top 3 social media platforms that you would want to use.

Rank your platforms of choice on the basis of their competitive advantages


Online Target Audience Identification Strategies

  • Research thoroughly on the people that are “highly likely” to benefit the most from your product.
  • Identify the social media platform that they prefer using, most of the times
  • Capitalize on the selected social platform as the main one
  • Identify the best time to engage them with your product
  • Find out their online spending habits, and learn how much you need to remind them of your products. (Facebook ads gather the intelligence over how individuals shop online, and you can use this as a specific rule of narrowing down your targeting, to people whose chances of buying your products are very high.)

In the real sense, marketing on social media involves hard work and dedication to successfully achieve your goals in selling your products and services. With understanding, patience, and dedication, successful social media marketing will tap into the vast pool of social media users, which will translate to more leads and converts for your business.

The Professional Freelance Article Writer

The Professional Freelance Article Writer

With the fast-changing trends in defining what work is, there is a coherent need to acknowledge the uniqueness of the work of a freelance article writer. The world gravitates more and more into a needy state for information and an article writer will remain an asset to this generation. Though there are many other fields of freelancing that one can settle on, article writing requires something more.

The lifestyle of a freelance article writer is unpredictable. Sometimes it’s pleasurable, to very demanding, and other times it’s on the breaking edge of demand and supply. It’s erratic, and it’s entrenched in a work-life complex that can jam your process to a state of unwarranted rest.

Like every other kind of work, freelance article writing needs a lifestyle, a way of doing things to help you cope with the extreme pressure zone that it can turn out to be. Once in it, there is a coherent need to quickly adapt to a self-made lifestyle that is made of behaviors, disciplines, and interests that will help you survive. There are many things that require refining for them to achieve a tone of professionality in the field. Here are some of the details to incorporate into the life of a professional freelance article writer.

Time Management

Of all habits, poor time management is one of the worst diseases that a freelance article writer may be plagued with. Time management determines:

  • Your ability to handle multiple tasks in a day
  • Your ability to fulfill the client’s need for deadline delivery.
  • The quality of your article

These three pointers are of key importance. They dictate everything that you turn out to be in the eyes of a client who needs professional services. Taking a deep dive into these three areas, the following truths can be compounded beyond any reasonable doubt.

Handling Multiple Tasks as a Freelance Article Writer

There are many types of clients that a freelance article writer interacts with. Some require very long content that should be provided on an occasional basis, and others require short content that should be provided in many pieces every once in a few days.

Whether you write for both clients or not, it is important for you to be sure of your capability in satisfying the clients’ needs, in terms of delivering assignments in time. Ensure that you can honor the time set for you to deliver a given assignment on time. This will help you to maintain a record of achievement for yourself.

Secondly, the more you can manage your time, the more it will be possible for you to write more articles. Handling multiple tasks in a day will also help you make some more money from your skills.

For a professional article writer, reliability is a prime character that most clients will need to see if you look forward to working with them for a long time.

These tips will help you to manage your time.

  • Ensure that you only work on tasks that you are conversant with.
  • Set reasonable schedules for completing tasks.
  • Ensure that you have a conducive environment that helps you concentrate.
  • Improve your typing speeds to increase your working speed.



Unlike the opinion of many, deadlines are one of the most profound aspects of writing that a freelance article writer should be willing to understand.

Most of the writers prefer working in their pace, of which its very okay. The only problem with a freelancer’s freedom is the failure to acknowledge the fast-moving pace of the entire universe. While it is okay to have the upper hand in offering help to your client on your own free time, a sharp freelance article writer will give up this right to trust the client.

“If there were one client and two article writers, chances are highly likely that the client will pick the writer who completes a task in less time. Even more, the client will not mind paying more.

It is even more likely that the client will want to continue working with the fast article writers. This is simply because of the writer’s reliability, and expression of commitment.”


Take advantage of deadlines that any other freelance article writer is not willing to meet. You will soon find out that most clients will prefer you over others. However, ensure that you still uphold the delivery of high quality articles for your work.


The Quality of Your Articles

After providing articles in short time spans, it is definite that many clients will prefer to work with you. More work will stream in on your desk, and more work will mean less time for proofreading and assessing your content.


The freelancer gets into a fast-moving pace that often comes at the cost of providing articles that well researched and of high quality. You may end up making small mistakes that will wedge you from your clients.


Quality is the greatest appeal that a freelance article writer should have. It is therefore important that you maintain the quality of your work. Your clients should always be assured that your work is of high quality. To maintain or further improve in providing high-quality content, hire a text editor whose main role is to ensure that your quality is high, and your articles are on point. It may seem like a tall order at first, but time will prove you right.


Wrapping it up at that, keep yourself in the know. There are millions of article writers, pushing to gain the very same clients that you wish to gain. Ensure that your stand distinctively tall, above a crowd of raw talent. Take a look at Alex Crevar’s Post about a Freelance Writer’s Life.

An Online Business is What You Need

The good thing is that if you invest well in an online business, chances are that you will have an abundant harvest in the long run. There are a lot of online businesses in this world that help you make extra money.

Online businesses require a lot of research before you start, and most often, there is a need for you to have a professional online marketer to help you manage your business online.


The world continues to be smaller in size, due to the internet and with the internet at hand, a customer is as accessible in Dubai, as he or she would be accessible in Nairobi. Information is power, an dyou soon will be wondering about how you were left behind if you do not adapt quickly. Seek the information you need about online investments and businesses, and find your way to a global client source.


Some of the legitimate online businesses that I know of are:

  1. Drop shipping
  2. Real affiliate marketing
  3. E-shops
  4. Freelancing
  5. Forex trading

I will go through these types of businesses since they are the ones that most people have asked questions about.


  1. Drop shipping

In the normal kind of thinking, drop shipping is the retail type that falls within the supply chain system. In drop shipping, you as a retailer do not have the stock of the goods but instead, you will acquire customers for yourself then transfer these orders and the details for shipment to the manufacturer.


  1. Affiliate marketing

The reason why I call it real affiliate marketing is because there is a real one and a fake one. The real affiliate marketing is where you use a website to promote the products of a certain company. The company will then give you a link, and once a customer buys from your link, you get paid for it. This kind of marketing requires that you first negotiate on the commission that you receive for every product sold through you…A very interesting and regarding online business. With affiliate marketing, the only worry you have is to write compe;lling articles and persuade your readers to buy from you.


  1. E- shop

Having an online shop is one of the best income money makers on the internet. Think of Jumia, think of Kilimall, think of Avechi. Some of these shops have the biggest online presence yet, they only have ware houses. There are lots of people online today and if you thought of having a website to sell your products to people online, then you would be a very happy person. If you ask me, in Kenya a good and well marketed will do you great…Kenyans love to buy online.


  1. Freelancing

You will mostly find me in this corner; this is where I make my money from. A freelancer is a person who sells services online. Web designers, article writers, virtual assistants (online secretaries)….etc, are some of the internet money makers. Online freelancing is a great online business since you will find that somewhere in the world, someone will always be in need of your services. Freelancing involves marketing yourself as a brand, for the skillset that you have obtained over time. Read more about some of the ways that you can use to market yourself.


I have been an online writer for 3 years, writing articles for websites. The good thing is I can charge $25 for 500 words only. In a day I can write a minimum of 6000 words, so you can do the mathematics. Don’t forget that I will still have time to watch a movie, and attend some classes. You could possibly think of Walter Akolo, he writes at the rate of $100 per 500 words…Interesting!


  1. Forex Trading

For sure, this is one of the money-making areas that most of the riskers in the world are happy to be in, but I have never tried this type of an online business. I always think to myself that I will soon try it someday, but that day never comes. According to what I gather, it is a form of buying and selling world stocks, at a lower price, then reselling them at a higher price, to realize profits. The business can make you lots of cash, but the risks involved scare me stiff.


  1. Bit coins

Online currencies. According to what I hear, this is an online goldmine but I have never tried it, I plan to.


In case you have any questions, I promise I will be online to answer your questions until 10pm…Good evening.

The Reality of Social Media Marketing

Without a doubt, there are many a great teachers and gurus to cover this topic, but very few people understand the concept behind social media marketing.

There are a million reasons why you should work your way through in sharing this piece of cake, and ensuring that you get a real deal for your online business. There are many ways in which you can sell yourself to a larger audience through social media. The right tools will enable you to gain a profitable exposure that will have a significant Return On Investments.

What You Need for Social Media Marketing

In the very basic nature, social media accounts are free of charge, and only a few of them have premium account membership. A social media account with an appropriate title of your business is the first requirement.

Secondly, every e-commerce business must have a website to its name. A website is the representative of your business, in the online world. A website ought to be appealing and presentable; in such a way that visitor will find it more welcoming and engaging, than boring. Invest in a website whose domain is a part of your business name, that way people will find it easy to reach you.

Thirdly, you should develop content that will generate viewership. The viewers of your content will then be directed to your online business where they will find the goods or services that they wish to buy. Content development is one of the key foundational aspects that help in building a successful business. providing important information that helps people will help them trust you as a specialist in your niche. Without appealing content, it will be hard for people to be drawn to your website. Content would be in the form of articles, audio, or videos.

Social Media Marketing needs a Strategy

Whether you like it or not, planning ahead is a must when it comes to marketing on social media. The process of planning a social media marketing campaign helps you to know the best social platform to use, the easiest way to reach your target audience, and the budget for marketing campaigns that will help you to reach wider viewership of your content. Developing content for the marketing campaigns is a great endeavor that will constantly require you to update your followers.

When developing content, more viewership means that the content is likable and you can provide the information in a way curated to earn more money.



Understanding the way your potential clients consume information is important. If they prefer to watch than read articles, then you should concentrate on advertising your business in the most preferred way. Besides, social platforms have their configurations best set in a given way that will see information passed within their communities and groups.

Facebook is a great platform to advertise a website, and clients will check through and browse for the products of their choice. On the other hand, Facebook allows a general or product-specific advertisement module, where you can advertise a single product on its own, without having to advertise the whole website. This form of advertisement is more targeted and will require a more savvy approach.

Digital Advertising Agency

With all the hassle that comes with social media marketing, you had better let a digital marketing agency do the dirty work for you. Not only are those guys experienced, but they also drive crazy campaigns to work things out for you.

A Digital Marketing Agency is also capable of providing a trajectory on which your sales is most likely going to follow, and you can expect a given result within a given period of time. This helps you to have a well-planned balance in your accounts and records.

Social Media Marketing helps your business grow, and it also helps you create a loyal customer following, but only if your products are worth the quality to trend.

Taking Care

Online businesses thrive best for the very reason reviews. Online clients can only know you by the reviews given. To keep a great customer review, ensure that you engage clients in a delightful way that will keep them waiting. Ensure that you keep your commitments in production, delivery, and warranties. Being nice to people can only make things better.



Maiden Blog- Freelance Article Writing

It’s true that every legendary has a clear “Once upon a time” moment. So once upon a time, pens were not much more than a quill, and a paper was not more than the bark of a tree. They must have thought they were the best ever, and the never thought there would be freelance article writing.

evolution has it that we have improved a million times in the world of literature, to simply pass a message as they did with quills and barks. Information is necessary, it is important, and to some, its an addiction.

Some love knowledge for the very need of wisdom, and others like me, appreciate more, the mongering part of it. Telling a story is a form of art, one that couples skill with an innate desire to share what you have with the world.

Building the world is said to have been through words, and every day, the very same art of building continues with pen strokes and signatures for contracts.


Mincing my words is a passion, you may well find it hard to know my purpose up to this point.

Getting down to it, I simply mean to say that writing is a passion, an interest that lustfully feeds on my misgivings, owing to the fact that I only know to the depth of my nose. Knowledge really is what it is. You cannot tell what is beyond the nose.

My trade is freelance article writing and you will easily find me by the bloggers’ corner. My merchandise comes fresh, cooked to the last drop of my ginger ale. On my shelves, you will find a good bottle of ghostwriting, copywriting, copy editing. Occasionally, you may find some transcribing on my shelves as well.

You will drop dead if you won’t find me by the taverns selling my articles. I assure you they are freshly cooked, original bakes, free of plagiarism. You may want yours served while in a semi-formal tone, or you may want it set in an official manner. Whichever it is, you can call me Sam.

The only reason is that some poke their noses too shallowly. Others poke their nose all right, but they broadly carress information, to forfeiting the privileges of being a master of none. We are victims of our own convictions, and men, like I, have gone too far to keep within their convictions.


As you take a look around this website, notice the deep essence of great knowledge that is shared in.

You may be quick enough to notice that a mistress lurks in love, lest the master returns. We can always have a talk

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