Why This Web Designer in India is the Best Ever- & How to Reach Him

best web designer in Inida

A real Account of My Experience with a Web Designer in India

You might wonder why I have taken to writing about a web designer in India, but you need to take a look at this. Web designing is a common fever nowadays. Everyone has soon become a web designer, except that this one guy deserves serious recognition.

My extrovert personality has checked me in and out of many people’s lives. Well, late last year, I had met up with Ahad Arzi. He is a web designer in India, and he pretty much knows his game, so here is a short telltale that would make you think about him. This is a tribute like many others, but you really need to read this to the end.

I can only indulge the “why you should work with him in web design gigs. He is more to that, though.

For a freelance copywriter to thrive, it is imperative that one should be in as many growth pods as they can be. I have my fingers dipped in web designing, copy and content development, and many other helpful groups that contribute to my growth as a copywriter.

How We Met

I met Ahad when I was in a very critical point of my copywriting stage. I had just lost an enormous amount of data, a full year’s work, with some silly web hosting service that I had found from the gutter. Well, cheap is expensive, and I never stop hating me a little for this. The dumb web hosting had messed up with their clients’ databases and backups. There was no sign of further help after calling and trying to reach out. Secondly, the service was as slow as it could ever be and as you know, you never go back once you lose faith after a nasty experience online.

I started scouting for another web hosting service that would work best for me, and that is when I met Ahad. It was on a Facebook group and he offered to help me make the changes I needed. We had a chat on Facebook Messenger, I explained the many problems that I had, and the many worries that I had for my website.

Ahad is a smooth guy, very interactive, and he takes his time to understand you. I mean, nothing feels better than a guy who listens with an intent of understanding what a freaking non-tech-savvy copywriter needs. He is not the guy who keeps cutting you short, so you will not have to worry about that.

His Work

I do not know so much about how web designers in India work, but I must have liked how he went along with his work. I remember that it took him 3 days to totally make a deal out of my poor website. An interesting bit of how he worked was the fact that he was in constant communication with me.

I remember laughing by myself at one point when he told me, “Sam, it is 2 am in my time zone, so please allow me to get some rest.” For me, this was a perfect display of his dedication. That he had pegged all of him to my project, even to the point of telling me why he needed to stall for a recharge.


I would go for a 5/5 for Ahad. Actually, no one is paying me a dime for this post but I thought it wise to honor him with a tribute for being the most awesome web designer in India that I interacted with.

Would you hire him again?


I mean, where else would I find such a dedicated spirit from a person I have never met in my life. Thing is, you can also get to talk to him. As a copywriter available for hire, I would recommend that you link up with Ahad Arzi and get the best you can ever have in web designing.

To Ahad,

Thanks a million bunches for the good work. Indeed, the best web designer in India.

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