An Online Business is What You Need

The good thing is that if you invest well in an online business, chances are that you will have an abundant harvest in the long run. There are a lot of online businesses in this world that help you make extra money.

Online businesses require a lot of research before you start, and most often, there is a need for you to have a professional online marketer to help you manage your business online.


The world continues to be smaller in size, due to the internet and with the internet at hand, a customer is as accessible in Dubai, as he or she would be accessible in Nairobi. Information is power, an dyou soon will be wondering about how you were left behind if you do not adapt quickly. Seek the information you need about online investments and businesses, and find your way to a global client source.


Some of the legitimate online businesses that I know of are:

  1. Drop shipping
  2. Real affiliate marketing
  3. E-shops
  4. Freelancing
  5. Forex trading

I will go through these types of businesses since they are the ones that most people have asked questions about.


  1. Drop shipping

In the normal kind of thinking, drop shipping is the retail type that falls within the supply chain system. In drop shipping, you as a retailer do not have the stock of the goods but instead, you will acquire customers for yourself then transfer these orders and the details for shipment to the manufacturer.


  1. Affiliate marketing

The reason why I call it real affiliate marketing is because there is a real one and a fake one. The real affiliate marketing is where you use a website to promote the products of a certain company. The company will then give you a link, and once a customer buys from your link, you get paid for it. This kind of marketing requires that you first negotiate on the commission that you receive for every product sold through you…A very interesting and regarding online business. With affiliate marketing, the only worry you have is to write compe;lling articles and persuade your readers to buy from you.


  1. E- shop

Having an online shop is one of the best income money makers on the internet. Think of Jumia, think of Kilimall, think of Avechi. Some of these shops have the biggest online presence yet, they only have ware houses. There are lots of people online today and if you thought of having a website to sell your products to people online, then you would be a very happy person. If you ask me, in Kenya a good and well marketed will do you great…Kenyans love to buy online.


  1. Freelancing

You will mostly find me in this corner; this is where I make my money from. A freelancer is a person who sells services online. Web designers, article writers, virtual assistants (online secretaries)….etc, are some of the internet money makers. Online freelancing is a great online business since you will find that somewhere in the world, someone will always be in need of your services. Freelancing involves marketing yourself as a brand, for the skillset that you have obtained over time. Read more about some of the ways that you can use to market yourself.


I have been an online writer for 3 years, writing articles for websites. The good thing is I can charge $25 for 500 words only. In a day I can write a minimum of 6000 words, so you can do the mathematics. Don’t forget that I will still have time to watch a movie, and attend some classes. You could possibly think of Walter Akolo, he writes at the rate of $100 per 500 words…Interesting!


  1. Forex Trading

For sure, this is one of the money-making areas that most of the riskers in the world are happy to be in, but I have never tried this type of an online business. I always think to myself that I will soon try it someday, but that day never comes. According to what I gather, it is a form of buying and selling world stocks, at a lower price, then reselling them at a higher price, to realize profits. The business can make you lots of cash, but the risks involved scare me stiff.


  1. Bit coins

Online currencies. According to what I hear, this is an online goldmine but I have never tried it, I plan to.


In case you have any questions, I promise I will be online to answer your questions until 10pm…Good evening.

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