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Hey guys,

My name is Samuel Mutahi and I am a professional freelance writer, entrepreneur, and a budding netpreneur. I am also the founder of Reality Freelance Consult, a website that aims to draw the attention of Kenyans into soliciting financial benefits online.

Besides my professional pageantry, I love listening to jazz and classical music instrumentals. If not at home cooking, or working, the next place to find me is in the gym. I love bike riding, and I have some very poor eyesight, Lol.

It is beyond reasonable doubt that global trends in business are quickly adhering to the ICT surge. The world has literally turned into a small village, and commerce is becoming more and more abstract by the day. Drop shipping businesses are eliminating the need for you to go shopping, and conferences are being done from bedrooms, and kitchens with internet video calling.

My take is that Kenya needs to quickly, and fully, acknowledge that the trajectory of commerce is fast changing to tap internet resources, and keeping up with the chase is best done sooner than later.

Can I Make Money Online?

Absolutely. I write lots of information that would help you in making money online. To access this information and more, take heed to join my mailing list.

I guarantee that you will not have to worry about spam messages. Simply add yourself to my mail here.

As soon as you are done subscribing, the next thing that you should do is to take a keen look at this site. You will find a lot of helpful information that has been prepared to help you in making money online.

I will use very simple and understandable formats to share with you the technical stuff that most people don’t talk about, concerning making money online.

Why Reality Freelance?

Do you have a good enough reason to depend on me for information?

My answer is a bold “Yes!!”


  1. I am genuinely concerned every moment which passes without you making a move is a wasted opportunity to gain some really good income.
  2. I only share the information that I have tested and learnt about its benefits.
  3. I believe that Kenyans can only thrive in making money online if they help each other up- Help a friend to help a friend.
  4. I have had a very rough journey in my pursuit to making legitimate money online and I would like to assist other Kenyans who are going through the same hardships that I went through.
  5. Its fun- I am really glad when it comes to sharing information to other Kenyans, and I find it even more fulfilling when you share the joy of making your first few dollars online.

Although I am a Kenyan by origin, I am a son of the universe and my context is that of a universal citizen. This means that if you come from another country, you sure are still in the right place, since I only share internationally acceptable standards of making your business more profitable. Most of my lessons are applicable in many parts of the world.


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